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About Us

Who we are

We are a pet food and accessories supplier for all your pet supply needs based in Swinton, Manchester just off the East Lancs Motorway. We offer a wide range of products for your pets ranging across all sorts of food and accessories for cats, dogs, rabbits and birds.

We pride ourselves on supplying top quality products at warehouse value prices.

If you have a new pet, want to improve your existing pets day or maybe help and advice for your older pet, we have the variety of pet supplies to help.

What can Pet Express help you with?

  1. Nutritional Advice

    We are experts on pet nutrition, particularly dogs, and can help you keep your pet happy and healthy.

  2. Product Advice

    With such a wide variety of foods available on todays market choosing the right diet for your pet can be difficult. Pet Express is an independent family run business with no ties or loyalties to any brands. Your pet health and wellbeing is our only concern.

  3. Toys & Accessories

    We have a large range of toys and accessories for all kinds of pets: dogs, cats, rabbits etc.

  4. Happy to Talk

    We’re a friendly, family team and love hearing from pet owners, sharing stories and advice.

Expert Nutritional Advice for Dogs

We’ve met a lot of dog owners whose pet seems to be struggling with recurring veterinary symptoms which are proving difficult to treat. It’s one of our greatest pleasures to alleviate or even eradicate these ailments with a simple conversation about nutrition and a sensible plan to alter their diet. We’re experienced and informed, maintaining great relationships with the best pet food suppliers and even sourcing our own.

Does your best friend:
  1. lick and chew his paws
  2. have dry or itchy skin
  3. have hypo active spells
  4. have weepy eyes
  5. have itchy ears/ returning ear infection
  1. have a bad breath
  2. have problems with anal glands
  3. have a body odour
  4. excessively moults
  5. have problem with being overweight

Then please feel free to speak to one of our team!

What the pets Say

My owner was concerned that I was hypo active. After speaking to Pet Express team my owner changed my diet and I'm a lot calmer and happier and so is he! Thank you!

- Sam

About the store

We have several different rows of pet supplies in store from pet housing, baskets, toys, walkers and food supplies, we're sure to have something for you and your pet. If you're after something specific why not call us and we'll see how we can help.