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Created with special care and attention given to all the ingredients, Hunters is a complete dry dog food which can help ensure your dog has a healthy and happy life. We believe you should know what you’re feeding your dog and provide clear information on composition with no hidden ingredients and high meat content as standard. The Hunters range includes our unique “80/20” premium food, Grain Free and Super Premium – with options specific to your dog’s breed and age. Give your dog a taste of Hunters and see a difference in weeks.

Hunters 80/20 Grain Free

Hunters Grain Free

Hunters Super Premium

Why choose HUNTERS dog food?

  • Happy, healthier dog
  • Many common canine health problems are actually diet related. Upset stomach, odours, excessive eating can all come down to disagreeable toxins in food. With a gradual introduction, Hunters dog food can restore your dog to a happy, healthy state in weeks.

  • Safe ingredients
  • Know what’s in your dog food? The same strict rules we have for human food don’t apply and many food producers exploit this to introduce harmful toxins to your dog’s diet. Hunters has clear and safe composition and high meat content as standard.

  • High meat content
  • Some of the most popular brands have just 4% meat content to keep costs down, with more premium options increasing to 18%-24%. Our Grain Free food has between 55% and 80% meat content providing excellent value for money.

  • Grain and cereal free
  • Our grain free options avoid filling out the weight with cereal and grains your dog will find hard to digest. Cereals, corn and wheat contain complex carbohydrates your dog may struggle to digest. Dogs, like wolves, have a carnivorous bias.

    Introducing New Food & Feeding Guide

    It’s important to carefully introduce your dog to any new diet. A dog’s digestive system is very sensitive and it can take a few weeks for them to settle in to their new food, and before potential health benefits can be observed. Please check our feeding guide to help decide the correct portion and for more advice on introducing the Hunters diet.

    Feeding Guide